Monday, November 23, 2009


dedicated to azh, the whackiest human being in the earth.

azh babe, i miss u soo much and i still remember ur voice shrieking like a mouse. hahaha! u are like a little alarm that likes to scream like crazy. btw, i miss every moment we had. igt lagi x bile kite lepak kat pondok tym prep mlm, pastuh gossip2 sane sini and akuh skit2 lg nk tergolek ke blkng? xp

sometimes we had a fight but still, we like being together. yeah, it was totally awesome and that was the moment kauh ajar akuh ngumpat. hahahha! joking joking.

and and, kauh giler rajin. yup, honestly, u are like a book monster coz kauh kdg2 lagi byk study dr akuh. hahaha, akuh pon mkn lme mkin mls nk bukak buku. bile kauh ade, akuh at least la study sket2 esp addmath. ngeeeee xp haha, gosh maybe someday kauh bley pg harvard and jd profesor kat sane. hahahha! no one noes..

dedicated to mynn, my third shoulder to cry on

 gurl, we have been dormmates long time ago and i really really miss that moment. u are the true loudspeaker,loud and cheerful but sometimes it can be damaged. hahahhaha! you are there to hear my problems with such couraging advices that brings the warmest smile in my life. i love to hang out with you, taking pictures like we rule the world, and yes that's our chemistry! although u are dating with a sdar guy, which is the school that i hate the most, i really hope that it will not break our friendship.sorry for everything (especially for the stupid fight which i don't understand what really had happened) gagagga~friends eternity :)

dedicated to zatee, the one who likes to be freaking out in pink ( i do love pink but not crazy enuff like her) :P

hey gurl, nice to be with you babe and gosh, u make me feel good when we hang out are juz easy going, damn talkative and funny. sometimes, u are too moody but it's ok. teens get moody easily and we r teens :) really hope that our friendship lasts long and thank god i found u. well, sometyms u do hav big probs wif 'him', but i juz want u to know dat GUYS COME AND GO and things will be ok someday. u will never noe, keep the patience and don't stressed yourself with such lil problem.and i was once imagine that u have a big pink mall, everything is pink with lots of candies and cute things.woohooo! hope it will come true and if it is,make me one of your special guests to enjoy shopping without spending. muahahahha~

dedicated to shey, that looks like a shrek! hahahaha, joking joking :P

u are fabulous and hanging out with u is like eating lots of peanuts until we both go nuts. hahahhaha! yes yes, you are very nice and honestly, you look good in dat specs :)) but, sometimes, you like to moan and complains of the homework and everything here and there but never mind, dats the reason i was made for, to hear you babble like nanny! hahahhaha, nureen, you are just great and i want you to realise that i like to be friends with you :) mind you, if you want to date with christiano ronaldo, u dun hav to be fake like paris hilton. hahahaha!

dedicated to niero, the loudspeaker!

well, zatee is more like a chatterbox but the thing is, you have such a bigger man-like voice! muahahahhaha! u are funny.n yes, u noe wut u want and u have the effort and courage to get it no matter what happens. as in, friendship, u are a good listener and yeah, we share lots of gossips about boys and 'her' and bla bla bla..i can see dat we do have that in common and it is really great to have that chemistry :)

dedicated to qisty, the little gurl next door :P

haha, what i meant was our class which is opposite but i always come to your class and hang out with you. guess dat u still remember the moment we had a whole talk about s****q and a**e at your class for the whole prep.hahahha! crazy like hell! and not to be mentioned, other gossips that drove us crazy with tanne. and yeah, the night when u, tanne and i were damn boring were really missing football damn much and decided to fly but u did not hav dat long pants.hahaha!silly lilly!

and, not to be mentioned, kauh kadang2 innocent sgt la. haha! i mean, u r like my lil sis *wpon akuh xde adik prmpuan. and why not klau kite jd twins kn? haha, it's totally cool!

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