Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A year of tears and smiles

hey all! how are you bloggers doing huh? Well let's see.. it had been nearly one year since the last day I've logged in to post about UTP interview isn't it? apparently, I'm studying at UM right now, to be more specific engineering in japanese language. yeah, you know it, physics, english, chemistry, mathematics and the language itself all in japanese. I'm already a stone's throw away from the sem 3. on this 27th february, I'll sit for my final exam in sem 2. Okay bye, xo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FELDA interview.

Hello and assalamualaikum to muslims, I'm not going to write anything very long. I just want to create something that is short and simple yet can be universally understood. hehe.

Last two days, on 3rd May, I had a FELDA interview at The Zon Hotel, Basically that was the most grand/grandest interview I've ever had. The interview rooms were situated next to each other. First, you have to register in one of the rooms. Then, you'll be given a sticker which you'll have to write your name and the group number. For me, I wrote FARAH AMALINA, A-8. Take your seat and get to know t=with others, be relax. Then, there will be a verbal critical ____ test ( I can't remember the name). In this test, you have to read some short paragraphs but honestly, the questions are too many for 25 mins. So, manage your time well so that you'll be able to complete all of them.

Next, there will be a 5 mins toilet break, then comes the mathematics test. This is when you need a calculator, there are 35 questions for 35 mins. The questions is based on graphs and tables, more to statistics but at higher level. After that, you'll be called for the group discussion. Before that, you'll be divided randomly according to the name list. Wait for your turn. When it's your turn, you have to go to the second room. You just need to tell about yourself and your family background. After that, sit in a group of 4/5 at the table and have a discussion. Pick a topic that all of you have agreed. Discuss in 10 mins and present it on the board. That's all :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy birthday, HIlmy

Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, Hilmy Hakim bin Hamzah. Finally both of us are legally 18 and it's time to get married thank you for the phone call this morning, but I'm sorry for not wishing you earlier. Firstly, I fell asleep too early last night and when I woke up, your wall was already filled with others' wall posts. I'm sooo sad. Secondly, you were not the 1st person to wish on my birthday, so I guess it's fair for me not too be the first to wish too. I was very very frustrated, and when it comes to your birthday, the bad memory just came back. That's why I'm not in the good mood until now, that explains why gave such an annoying response when you called me this morning. 

Maybe I liked some wall posts at your wall and I commented on them, but that doesn't mean I totally forgot what you did on 9th April. Im was right, you should be the first one to wish. I'm not being desperate and demanding for it, but it actually shows how much you value and remember me when I think about you everyday. You might say that being the first is not important but for a girl, it truly matters. It's a very big deal.

Again, sorry sorry. The bad memory is still in my mind. Bye.

Monday, April 25, 2011

UTP interview (not scholarships)

I just came back from Tronoh. Okay, just get to the main point here, I want to share with you about my experience during the interview.

In the schedule, we should be there at 8 am for registration, there were a lot of people and the line was very very long. Then, you'll be given a card with a name tag. During the registration, you just need to give the UTP offer form, and you need to write your name on the card.

the front part

The back part (actually you should write it at the front part)

So, when you're done, just get inside the hall and listen to whatever talk it is, just don't sleep especially when it comes to the interview part. Be alert! The talk was nearly 2 and a half hours. Before that, you have to know which group you are and when is your interview session. There were 5 groups of A,B,C,D,E. Group A and B session was in the morning and the others are in the evening. Mine was B36, so mine was in the morning. After that, all the interviewees for group A and B would go to Block B first while the other groups can stay with their families outside the mosque. Food and drinks were provided and they could wait under the tent for nearly 2 hours. We didn't have to bring any documents, just a pen and a notebook, that's all. Btw, buses were provided to take us to the Block B. 

While waiting for Group A to finish, I waited with the others in the waiting room, I did nothing but only chatting and listening to music. And guess what, a miracle happened when I met my old primary schoolmate and neighbour there. It was really unbelievable because only a few days ago, I thought about her and today explains everything. 

Then, we were called by the officer to go into the 2nd waiting room where there were tables with some A4 papers on it. I just sat where ever I like so I decided to take the first table for "Panel 1". Don't think that  the first panel will be the first group to go for the interview. NO! It doesn't matter at all, the most importantly make sure that each panel has both boys and girls. Then, each one will be given a study case. Actually the study case is same for everyone, which was traffic jam. Since there were 5 persons for each panel, so the study cases are divided into 5 letters A,B,C,D (all of these are purple) and A (white), making a total of 5 sheets of papers. I got Study case C 

We were needed to read the informations from A to Z and then brainstormed our own ideas for 30 minutes. So, we were prohibited to discuss anything. When the time was up, we stopped writing and listened to the officer's instructions carefully as he was going to announce which panel would go first. He picked 3 random panels which were Panel 1, Panel 3 and Panel 6 first. But, we couldn't just enter the interview room, we had to wait in the 3rd waiting room for Group A to finish first. 

And lastly, the interview session started with individual first. Don't worry if you can't find the room of your panel because you can always ask the officers there, they are friendly. This session of individual interview is considered done when all of the 5 members of each panel has done it. Then, here comes the last session, the most important session where confidence level determines everything besides your communication skills. There are 5 seats and you need to sit according to your number. I mean mine was C so I should take the 3rd seat. This time, you'll have a group discussion. Each one of you have to voice out your own opinion, an advice  from me, just state 1 opinion and elaborate it but not too long. After everyone has finished, then the discussion session starts because the group has to come up with the most preferred recommendation as a conclusion complete with the elaboration of ideas. 

1. Dress well, follow the dressing etiquette that is stated in the form.

2. Prepare a notebook and a pen. 

3. Make sure that you rehearse on what to speak because sometimes when you want to speak, you don't know where to start right? And that's when you'll stutter. As for me, I prepared for the 'About me' session where the interviewers will ask you to tell about yourself, family, academic achievements as well as co-curricular. When I rehearse a few times, I can remember what points should I mention first so I can speak fluently 

4. Relax. That's what I learnt today. Just now, during the group discussion, I wanted to say Nagasaki instead I said Nagashima, xp silly silly me. But, it's okay, at least the discussion was not really tense. :D

5. Smile to everyone. 

6. Don't be selfish, help each other if there's anyone who does not know the word to use, you can interrupt sometimes but not always and only during an emergency. Interrupting gives a very bad reflection of yourself. Let other people to speak too, this shows that you're a great leader because you concern about anybody else

So, that's all I can say about UTP interview. If there's any question, you can ask me. xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

EduCamp, yes/no?

          I'm now barely breathing. Phew, April April April, the busiest month of the year. Lots of things to do especially for interviews. I had JPA on last week and next week on Monday, it's gonna be educamp at UTP. But, for these weekends, I have something serious to do with Hilmy and I can't postpone it because I have planned it since 2 weeks ago. But the problem is, I got the offer for UTP admission last night. But, I won't do anything to change what I've planned with Hilmy on this weekends. Haih..why you didn't tell me earlier UTP????? Why why??

           I was confused whether to say no/yes. I am excited but I don't like last minute preparation. For JPA, I had 6 full days to prepare myself. I was not rushing for anything else, so I just focused for JPA only. But now, I need to do something with Hilmy and then I'll be rushing from KL to Perak for a very very very important interview. So, I just have 1 and a half day left to prepare myself. OH GOD!

  SURAT JEMPUTAN RASMI - EDUCAMP 2011   Tarikh: 21/04/2011                                                                                                                        Ref no:416
Kad Pengenalan / Pasport::  930409105280
Jantina:  Perempuan
Sesi EDUCAMP::  25 April 2011
Masa::  8.00 pagi
Tempat::  Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Perak
Status::  BERJAYA              
Pengesahan::  TERIMA
  1. Keputusan panggilan ke UTP EDUCAMP 2011 bagi permohonan kemasukan Mei 2011 ke UTP bagi pelajar lepasan SPM 2010 telah diumumkan.
  2. Pemohon-pemohon yang telah memohon, sila semak status permohonan anda dilaman web ini bermula dari 15 April 2011 sehingga 21 April 2011.
  3. Sila pastikan anda mengingati Kad Pengenalan / Pasport anda untuk mengakses kembali sistem ini.
  4. Pengesahan dan pembetulan hendaklah dilakukan sebelum 21 April 2011.
  5. Pemohon-pemohon dikehendaki memuat turun panduan EDUCAMP 2011. Dapatkan panduan Educamp 2011 untuk SEMENANJUNG / SABAH / SARAWAK.
  6. Sila cetak halaman ini sebagai bukti panggilan ke UTP EDUCAMP 2011.
  7. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan berkenaan UTP EDUCAMP 2011,sila hubungi pegawai-pegawai kami di talian 05-368 8156 / 8407 / 8345 / 8359 / 8153 / 8406 pada waktu pejabat dari jam 9.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang, Isnin hingga Jumaat.

           Finally I said yes to UTP, like the old malay saying goes "Rezeki jangan ditolak, maut jangan dicari". So, I'll take it! This is what life's all about, this is only the beginning of your path and it's part of your challenges. Later, I'll realize that there will be more challenges for me especially when it comes to campus life.

           So, whoever reads this post right now, do pray for me ok? I'm not trying to be greedy here but I don't know yet the result for JPA. But, you know, when you do something good for anybody else, you will get something good in return too. InsyaAllah...only God knows the best for you! Don't expect too much but appreciate what we have. Always think that there are thousands or maybe millions of other people who dream to have a life like YOU do!

Take care, thanks for reading...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Imran Hussaini :)

This is my naughtiest yet the cutest little boy in the world. Hehe, his name is Imran Hussaini bin Khairul Nizam. Today, I'll be babysitting him for half of the day. He's now watching cartoon. I actually wanted to give him the laptop but since there's a big big problem with fb, he decided to say NO to me. Sorry Imran, it isn't my fault.

the peace one. 

the most annoying face in the world

Are you joking with me Mark?

Gooodddd! I'm so damn fucking mad right now with facebook. I feel like I want to complain to Mark, why the hell I can't got to Sounds like an idiot huh? Who cares? When you're mad, you don't even think very deep and logically when you want to do something. When I typed in at the saearch engine, it appears as..

Oops! Google Chrome could not find

Try reloading: www.­facebook.­com

Additional suggestions: Access a cached copy of www.­facebook.­com

What the hell is going on? I'm thinking and thinking and I think the reasons it becomes like this is because of..

1) Virus, damn you virus senders/virus inventors. Since a few days ago,  I've received lots of links on fb, "check out who's viewing your profile, " Check out this, check out that...blablabla". And all of them were sent by my friends via fb chatbox and events. So, I thought it really works as my friends sent them to me ( okay okay, I know I was such a dumbass to believe that, I mean who the hell has actually proven to me that this thing is REAL? I want to see proofs with my own naked eyes! ) 

2) I didn't shut down the laptop. Look, actually I did intend to do so, but I had mistakenly clicked on 'Restart' instead 'Shut down'. I was sleepy so I didn't want to waste any more second. It was nearly 3 am. Plus, I got to wake up early today because I have to babysit Imran. I have to prepare his meals and clothes before he goes to school at 12. So, where were we? Hmmm...Oh yes! I didn't shut down the laptop, so it was on until it shut down by itself when it ran out of energy (I only switched off the charger, hehe still saves energy maaaa..) 

3)  What could it be?? Hmmm.....maybe because I have downloaded so many songs that contain viruses. But all these while, I haven't encounter any problems signing into fb even though I've downloaded hundreds of songs.

4) Iluminati. Okay now people come closer to my blog, come here, come here..This is very serious and I want to whisper something to your ears..Last two days, I have downloaded Lady Gaga's, Madonna's and Rihanna's songs (don't worry they aren't the controversial songs like Alejandro/Telephone/Lady marmalade) But, I kept on repeating this one song from Madonna called Frozen. This is my favourite song since 1998. In the video clip, you can see Madonna changes herself into a black dog which resembles demon as she sings "Give yourself to hold the key" and also, "If I could melt your heart, we'll never be apart"  Everything was in black. There was a crow, a black horse, a black dog and herself but she appears to be three of herself. So,when I think back, maybe this is the pay back from Allah to me, for listening to such songs. When she sings "Give yourself to me, you hold the key", it is actually a song from the demon to her, not from her to the demon. You get what I mean right? Well, this is just my opinion, based on my understanding. 

Dear Allah my Lord, please forgive me..Amiinn...

Now, just take a look at the video, and try to understand the whole meaning of it.

I want to continue sleeping because I'm still sleepy and I got only 1 hour 30 mins left. Bye people. take care. 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ehem ehem, * testing testing

          Tadaaa, it's still morning yaww and I can't believe I was awake as early as 11. Did I say 11 is early? HAHA. For me, I can sleep until evening, so don't be like "omg", "astaghfirullah, anak dara..", "lambatnyaaaaa...." This is me, dara or not dara, still the same old lazy me. HAHA

         Anyway, now it's the best time to online. Idk why since a few days ago, the internet conection is super super fast! It's weird. Really really weird. Last night, I was going to download some songs at Frostwire. And I was like "Nahh, download later" because I thought the connection was slow. But, hell yeah, I have downloaded nearly 20 songs in just 5 mins. Man, I'm head over heels! Finally, I don't have to wait for hours to wait for onw page to appear. This is so Magic ! Like what B.O.B said "I got the magic in me, magic magic magic!" :D

         But, something terrible happened. Aiyaaa! How can I forgot about the L driving licence that I supposed to renew today? My tutor wanted me to send him a fax after I have renewed my L, but I forgot to give it to mummy. Damn! Lesson learnt today, act as early as you can before you miss the chance. THE EARLIEST BIRD CATCHES THE WORM, FARAH! What a bad day for me today! This morning, I got a text message from Ropi (my tutor) "Jangan lupe call saya bile dah fax selewat-lewatnya pkol 12" Gahhhh!! Stress stress stresss! So, the easiest yet the most stupid way to avoid this problem is, take out your phone battery and smile and keep on onlining. Hihi. Bad me! (kids, please don't try this at home) Have you ever heard of DWYLLWYD? (err, is this right?) DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

hey, wanna know me? I'm 18 and I'm lonely. Don't worry, ignore the hair, I'm friendly

* this is how I look right now. Cute right? :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


         Okay, maybe I've posted so many posts in English. I think I just want to try to post in Malay. :)

         Hai. apa khabar? Ngee.. Sekarang ni nak cite pasal group kumpulan SBP Students kat fb. Wah wah wah, bukan main hebat lagi group ni bergerak, lebih cepat dari ferrari. Setiap saat mesti ada comment baru, sampai bile nk tgk balik comment lama, dah x jumpe dah, tenggelam dalam lautan :D Setiap saat je naik 3/4/5 updates. Pe cite ni hah? Gile aktif la budak2 sbp ni sampai aku tak tahu nak tgk comment yang mane satu. Bile aku klik 'open link in new tab', bende same je kua, balik2 'SBP Students 0610/0910'. Pening kepala aku nak check sorang2. Baru post benda baru, dah ke bawah dlm carta..-.-"

         Thanks Terima kasih kepada admins, Najiy & Alia najiha yang buatkan group ni, dan pada masa yang sama, membuatkan notifications aku meletup! Tapi, bagusla dpt kenal ramai2 orang.. friends aku pn dh bertambah dgn mendadaknya, xdela byk sgt kan, tp dah mencecah 4 digit slm mase 2 hari. HEBAT !

          So, Jadi, aku harap korang keep in touch masing-masing. Adios!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still awake

          Duhh, it's 4.59 a.m. and I still can't sleep well. It has been for a few days I got into this crazy pehenomenon. I can't remember what's the scientific term, maybe insomnia, diarrhea, bonia? Usually, Always, I'll end up sleeping in the next morning until noon. And, I have to delay my breakfast, so does my lunch. What's wrong with me? This can't happen forever and I need to control of this situation. 


This is what will happen when I wake up in the middle of the night : 

1) I'll dream of something (usually something that's very  possible impossible for me to get it, such as I can fly!)

2) I'll be signing in blogspot, facebook, twitter and also formspring. (althought the chatbox only have 18 people online, totally nothing that I can do)

3) I'll miss the wife-to-be routines like learning how to cook from ibu (you know, I'll wake up after/around Zuhur, so when do I can learn to cook if the lunch is already on the table when I wake up?)

And for tonight, I dream of food. Nyumnyumnyum...But, it's not typical food, it's Korean. Haha. Weird right? Okay, why did I say normal weird when it comes to korean thing? Firstly, I don't like Kpop, I just watched this one drama called Smile Again because of my cousin. She's a die hard fan of Kpop, and when I was at her house, she would be watching this over and over again everyday. Secondly, I rarely eat Korean food, the second time, I repeat the SECOND time so far, I ate Korean food was at Mid Valley 2 days ago. It was Saba Tuna _____. What is it eh? Ahh, nvm, I'll show you 

This is grilled saba (tuna) and it is eaten with rice, plain soup, kimchi and potato galette. 
Now what's potato galette?

Tadaaa! This is what potato galette. 

* But, my dish was simple, without those decorations and there was no chicken.
It was just plain potato, only in small  amount. Hehe. 
I got this picture from Google lahh, don't blame me I didn't take a picture of the real galette but this is sort of like it to erase all the question marks on your head asking "what's galette?".


NO, this is not the food, but Smile Again drama. ngee..
Everyday Mon-Fri, at 7.23 p.m only on KBS World (channel 391)

p/s : I'm still dreaming to eat the kimchi. I can't sleep!! :( 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

After JPA interview.

After the interview, my dad gave me a real real not-funny surprise when he told me he had to go to Pahang immediately because he had a meeting with someone there. So, he couldn't send me to rawang, but he could drop me somewhere. I thought he was nuts because he didn't tell me earlier, but he said that he forgot to tell me about it. Urgh..I was damn clueless and I hate it when it comes to making a right decision in less than 5 minutes.

So, I decided to call my baby, Hilmy. Who knows he could spend the day with me somewhere? Thank God he didn't have any work yesterday, so we planned to go to Mid Valley. I got there earlier than he was and betcha all the shops were still closed. It was 10.45 a.m. I just wandered anywhere, didn't know what to do! Then, I thought of getting a haircut, I really love hate my hair as it was greasy and it did look like a bush if I let go of my hair. I hate hate it! So, I decided to cut it short. At first, I didn't like, you know when your hair is greasy, it will look like as if you put some glue on it, shiny and even if you comb your hair, it will forever sticks on your forehead. ARGH!!

Then, I went to MPH as I think that's the only place that can help me to let go of my boredom. I read some books, from I Am Number Four to Chemical engineering for beginners to German dictionary. Haha. Thank God there was a computer there (of course you what to pay, nothing is free nowadays), so I could online while waiting for him.

Then, we met there and went to the food court as I was very full and energetic  hungry and thirsty.
He paid for my Korean food (hehe, thanks dear, I love you). After that we walked until we got very very bored. So, I decided to go to his place, not his house actually but his uncle's condo. Yeah, we did DIDN'T do anything. So, please don't think of being pr______nt. It won't happen! I just slept in one of the rooms and watched Ice Age, then online. That's all I did before my mum came to pick me up. But the funniest thing was when I had to cook for him. I didn't know what to cook, so he asked me to make some half-fried eggs. Haha, sounds simple right? Yeah, it is but I don't know my baby can't so it. Haha, so cute lah sayang!

Nearly 11.40 p.m, my mum came to pick me up. Surprisingly, Imran was playing a game with an Ipad on his lap. Coolio!! I was damn jealous! We had our dinner, mine was steak. Then, when we got home, I fell asleep immediately without changing my baju kurung.

Friday, April 15, 2011

JPA interview.

Well, I'm sure everybody is busy right now, I mean for the fresh SPM leavers. So, whoever applied for scholarships must be very very happy  NERVOUS for the results. For those who haven't gone for the interview, lots of luck okay? :D

As for me, I applied for JPA. I didn't apply for MARA, although MARA is for bumiputera, so my chance to get the scholarship is very big because I was a boarding school student. But, I think it's up to you to choose either JPA/MARA. You have to know about what course you want to take and where you want to go. Choose wisely!

My interview session was held at Shah Alam, yesterday. Mine was in the morning, so there weren't so many people at that time. My interview should be on 8.00-8.45 a.m, but we must be there 30 minutes earlier.

Firstly, when you got there, check your name at the notice board. There were 14 panels (if I'm not mistaken), each with 5 names. Mine was Panel 1 and I was the first person in the list. Dupdapdupdap  Nahh....forget about being dupdapdupdap, don't worry if you're the first because you'll be in a group of 5, and the interviewers won't ask according to your number.

So, when you already know which panel you are, go and find the registration room. Or, if you don't know where it is, go to where the crowd is,  or you can ask anyone there. Remember, don't just wait for someone to guide you, you have to move yourself. "Time and tide waits for no man" ok?  Then, when you have registered, just wait there, don't go anywhere. Maybe you can have some chat for other interviewees to help you kill the butterflies in your stomach. If you're a Muslim, you are encouraged to read Surah Al-Insyirah many times, erm my senior asked me to do so.

When you have been called, line up according to your number. Mine was 1 so I was the first person to line up. After 5 minutes, all of you will be called by the interviewers. Remember, if you are not being called, knock on the door first before you enter. Don't forget o wish "Selamat pagi/ salam sejahtera/ good morning/ Assalamualaikum (if you're a muslim and all the interviewers are muslims too)"

Start talking only after the interviewers allow you to do so, don't just simply talk because that's rude. The interviewers may ask someone else to start even though you're the first in the name list. When you want to talk after someone has finished, raise your hand and wait for their permission. Always be patient, don't be too arrogant because that's very annoying and shows that you're rude.

It doesn't matter if your answer is wrong, what really matters here is your confidence. When you have to speak English, think before you talk, so that you won't stutter when you have no ideas. That's when you will say "errmmm....ahhhh....I think.....errr" But, don't think for too long, the interviewers will give the chance to someone else. That's why you have to read something before you go, search on the internet, buy a newspaper/magazines maybe, so that you will have some ideas. As for me, I read Utusan online at I applied JPA for Japan engineering, specifically, Chemical engineering.

Don't forget to search for the course you want to apply. Look out for..

1) Latest discovery
2) Latest product (like what I had been asked)
3) What it is all about (for chemical engineers, they convert raw materials to products blablabla)
4) Job opportunity
5) Pros and cons
6) Future discovery, what you want to do?

These are just my suggestions..

There was no group discussion, but I don't know about the other group. The interviewers asked me to tell about my family, academic qualities, co-curricular achievements. Then, they asked us about global warming in Malaysia, do you agree? what are the factors, how to control this problem? As for me, they asked me "You as a chemical engineer, what you can do to solve this problem" Remember, just answer what you think is the best answer you can give, no matter if it's totally wrong or not logic. Don't be passive. What they want to see is how confident you are.

Then, after the interview, just say "Thank you".

I think that's all I can say about JPA interview. I was grateful that mine was in the morning. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freaking nerves!

I can't believe it it has been already a month I didn't post anything. Yeah, betcha it's tumblr time of course.

But, still I got nothing much to say here, well let me guess....

         Congratulations to all spm candidates who got straight As in SPM 2010. For those who didn't, never mind, if you fail once, doesn't mean you'll fail forever right? The success path is not smooth all the time, so good luck in future :)

          I got a call from Hilmy yesterday, thought that he wanna talk something very important (scholarship, universities etc), but unbelievably, for the first time ever, he called me just to say about so-called dinner invitation from ibu to celebrate our 9As. What the _____? You ask yourself. This is so not funny but normal CRAZY! I don't know whether it's a good sign my parents know my boyfriend, and it could be worse if something bad happen to our relationship, and it doesn't go like we want it to be (if you know what I mean). So, for the time being,  parents' approval is needed not needed.

So, what do I have to do now?

1) Relax, take it easy, and give a very very big smile OR
2) Stay deaf, do not utter a word.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Found this on Twitter

Even if an  is poor, they will act noble. That's character.

 are proud in nature. These signs you will most likely see hiking naked or at a nude beach.

Aries control the direction of the relationship

 are not into unconventional love. They like traditional romance.

 need a lot of love

If you are a nobody and have nothing to offer, then you dont stand a chance with an 

Tips temuduga JPA

#1 Subjek Bahasa Melayu dan English WAJIB dapat A+, A atau A-. 

#2 Untuk kursus-kursus tertentu, mungkin JPA nak paling kurang A- untuk Kimia, Biologi, Fizik atau Add Math

#3 Pilihlah tempat temuduga yang dekat dengan rumah.

#4 janganlah takut jika grammar anda salah. Penemuduga nak tengok idea-idea kita dan sejauh mana tahap keberanian dan keyakinan kita, grammar tu mungkin perkara yang terakhir dinilai.

#5 jangan membangga diri dan tunjuk pandai semasa temuduga tersebut

#6  cuba jangan bangkang idea orang, minta izin untuk beri pendapat 

#7 Tapi jangan tunggu terlalu lama untuk melontarkan idea kerana tanpa anda sedar, 30 minit cepat je berlalu. Takut nanti anda tak sempat nak bercakap dan menonjolkan diri.

#8  menyediakan resume (curriculum vitae), sijil2 dan apw2 dokumen kejayaan yang penting.

Currently I'm doing this

Click it or leave it

Yes, people do pray for me to win this contest  okay? I will always love y'all
except haters  no matter you're my follower nor not.

tata !