Friday, December 18, 2009

crying. ohhh, it was so painful. i hate u!

idk what to say
but i want to confess

u have gone too far away
and i noe it is because of the fucking PSP

u scratched my hand,
it is still bleeding,
u screamed and mocking like hell,
u punched and kicked me,
u slapped me,
what the hell is going on huh?

zoom in my painful little thumb

hey, i'm ur sister!

 it was ur fault,
why can't u juz accept it?

i won't forgive u,
u broke fluffy's nose,
now, fluffy is noseless :(
and u laughed at me.
like a real cruel killer,
yes, u are a killer!

 u noe how much i love fluffy
my sleepingmate,
my bestfriend,
my huggingmate.

what an annoying brother,
thanks a lot!



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