Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what's in the perfume? hey,read dis one!

i noe it sounds a lil bit crazy,
i am here blogging juz because for a movie LOL,
i watched a really tragic movie,
not really actually,
but, i was impressed by the play,
everything was good in my sleepy eyes,

this is not a joke,
i'm serious,
i fell in love with PERFUME THE STORY OF MURDERER,

well, it is about jean baptiste (i wish he does not exist),
he killed pretty and young ladies,
just to make a small bottle of perfume,

the special truth is....
the perfume was able to make everyone knelt down at him,
even when he was caught murdering,
he got to be escaped,
only a drop of the parfume makes people go crazy,
and witnessed that he was not the murderer,

even the most devilish one,
even the most innocent,
even the most religic one..(im not sure this word is correct or not, hehs)

i love the storyline saying...

perfume can make men fall for u,
perfume gives u freedom,
perfume gives u everything u want but...
perfume will prevent u from falling in love and be loved by someone.
(yeah, that is because in the movie, u have to kill someone to make the parfume)

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