Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well, it has been like 3 months since I last seen n step into my house.. n now it's looking splendid..u must be wondering where have i been to., training and training..that's all have been filling my holiday timetable for the past 3 months..n my chances of meeting my sweetheart slipped away every time I wanted to..

seriously, during the CNY holidays, i was in koleq, for training camp -.- n then comes the 1 week holiday..i thought i had the chance, but i went for the northern zone tournament..which we won..yay cagers! haha..n i thought that one of the weekdays would be a good day for us to go out together but she is at PD this time. that's okay dear, you need to be closer to your family n this is a great opportunity =) so have fun n njoy ur stay there sayang ..

anyway, nothing interesting really happen here in KL except that i get to see my baby sister, 50 days after she was born! haha..bad brother aite..sorry sis, duty i'm moving into a new house at the end of the month. it's in the army camp. urgghh..

i think i just had my last hang out day with my friends today..i wish u were there with me watching Percy Jackson.haha..the hero n heroin made me think of u n me..bout anyway we had our lunch at pizza hut, pavilion :O yeah it was fun..laughing around just the 3 of us..truthfully, i dont like going out with so many people..hard to control the movement maybe..maximum of 5 will be nice ; ) but when we're going out honey, let's hope just be the 2 of us..haha

on top of that, i still miss u my's okay if we cant meet this tym, there'll always be another =) ! i hope u enjoy ur week with ur family!

aishiteru farah amalina ; ) 

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