Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holiday already!!

Ok..I'm in edit room rite's thursday morning and a few hours i'll be leaving with the whole koleq contingent to the HKSBP Northern Zone..till Sunday only..

Wishing happy hols especially to you sayang ; ) I'll be back on Sunday. It won't be long..haha.. Finish up your homework on time then we can go out

the magazine is finished. and i think you must be eager to see the inside especially the koleq-*** article..i think you would find it very interesting!! don't worry, i'll come to rawang (if i can figure out a plan to escape my adds classes! haha)

all in all..that's all i have to say..for now..sorry menyebok dkt ur blog..i dont have one!
happy hols. take care. 

from kuale with love,
hilmy hakim =)

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