Sunday, March 21, 2010

So long holidays..hello school!

it's sunday, and it's now 3.02 pm..finally my internet is working after 2 full days of  boredom! I sure did miss a lot these 2 days especially in facebook..haha..and 5 hours before i'm going back, the internet is on..duh..what for..
i really enjoyed this holiday cause after 3 months of not returning to setiawangsa, finally i got the chance to! and to see my baby sister, chat with my sweetheart, go out and watch a  movie with ah chong and hafriz, this holiday was kinda awesome! i'm gonna move in into another house at the end of the month, but i'm not gonna be there to help you move in, mom! haha..

two things i'm gonna miss when school starts : 
chatting with you, dear
watching E! on astro..haha

two things i'm not gonna like when school starts : 
school (duh!)

two things i cant wait for at school : 
my teammates and best buds (im, are, hafriz, kude..bla3)

hey, sometimes we earn some, and sometimes we lose miss some of these things at home, but there are many wonderful things await you at school..

and now i'm trying to balance
 my major parts of my life
farah amalina, basketball and frens, studies, family..
and some minor parts
form 5 life, sleep, and my phone bill..haha

and farah amalina dearie, 
hope you can be a tough girl..the world is full of wonderful things, but even some of the sweetest chocolate in the world has its bitter have your friends there, as your closest thing you can depend have your mom, aliff and imran, and me ;) but above all..your God the Almighty..
just be patience my dear for as your time will come..and ours too!

hilmy hakim

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