Saturday, April 10, 2010

shey talks craps again,omg!

okay now where should i start huh?
ahha! it all started when u played basketball during PE class ryt?
lol,then u became a basket-addict
u are so funny la nenek!
serious shit, i couldn't believe my ears when u said
"weih,akuh addicted dgn basket kot,nk knl ngn sorunk cagers ok x?
hahaha.for sure i would say yes la dear :)

and i couldn't believe that you were so eager to see the mag
to look out for a petbro huh? mann! u CHANGE a lot.
then u saw the photographer,specky lil boy
who is also a cagers?? whoa!

okay,u asked me,
"sape cagers f5?"
then i mentioned my H,
then u said,
"x nak la kauh punye"
suddenly mr izzat came popping out of my brain and u suddenly became soo head over heels.
to me, surely it was a positive sign babe,haha! 
no offence okay? we are sisters :)P 

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