Sunday, July 11, 2010

sorry for loving you? NEVER!

   i just got back from add math class and it was really boring. another set with kinda same questions.durhhh..history for today! i left my phone in a room in order to stay focus, not to abandon my honey. never mind, every night i will take it back to the dorm.

   baby, i know tomorrow is our 6th month annie and i am wayy too head over heels for that fyi. i am sorry if you feel that i am torturing you but yes i need to settle down on a few things now.

    urm, what can i say this time? ahha, i am grateful that i found you. you take a really good care of me. you are always there 25h/8d. we text like crazy. HAHA! i still remember 'those' lines. u advice me this and that.  although sometimes i act like a holy shit, you are still calm and try to fix it back to normal. a few times i guess! the most touching part was when you cried for my apology when i was mad at you. i really salute a guy who is willing to drop a tear for his girlfriend. not every guy will do that! that makes me love you more and more <3

happy 6th month annie, hilmy hakim!

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