Tuesday, August 31, 2010

9A+ craze..

"u x phm..i WAJIB dapat 9A+..pak yem pressure, skolah i sendiri pressure..my parents pn pressure..A is not good enough..i kene dapat A+ jgak..no matter what..!"

"mmgla sayang..i pn..my environment here..pressure jgak..i am surrounded by budak2 yg intelleigent..izzat, shahir, adam, putera..everytime xam they'll compare their reslts..and i senyap je bcoz results terok..
but that doesnt mean we have to throw away everything..it's just that we have to start fixing it back..back to the way it should be..i love you sayang and i need you..we're both gonna face spm and both of us we'l face it together!"

"okay fine so u nak i buat ape?"

"okay..what we can do is.."

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