Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raya :)

hey people! it's raya eve now and i would like to wish all of my friends selamat hari raya. and maaf zahir batin too! i hope all of us can use tomorrow's raya as a day to forgive and forget all of our wrong doings. yeah, throughout the whole year, there are times that we did something wrong and i'm sure i've done that to everyone, so i seek for your forgiveness on this wonderful 1st of syawal. hari raya is a time where we celebrate our victory of fasting for an entire month and battling to go against our nafsu. so celebrate it with a limit that we still remember Allah and our prayers. to men, we still have our jumaat prayer, dont miss it!

guys, remember, not everyone gets to celebrate raya just like us, al-fatihah to our late engku arif adlan.


hilmy hakim

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