Friday, September 17, 2010

the tragedy

Hilmy and I had a conflict all of a sudden. 
I don't know exactly why but I am very sure that one of the reasons is I am very bored like hell today. Boredom kills my mood
And I cannot think of anything.
So, when my mood is not stable, this is what will happen. 

Another one is I still have other responsibilities, BIGGER responsibilities than relationship this year. Surely, the most important is SPM. 
There will be approximately 2 months for me to work on 9 subjects, very tough ones 
I think it is such a waste of time when I do not study at home. 
I feel bad. I feel scared.

It is not that I don't love you
You are the best thing I ever had
I don't wanna lose you after 8 months.
I want you to be mine forever
Thank you for everything, dear.

I did this for both of us,
Honestly, I will be having difficulties to survive
You know how crazy I was during SBP Trial
Trying to contact you everyday if possible

The problem is, I cannot live without texting you everyday,
At least only before I go to sleep,
I am just addicted and love sick
So, please I hope that when I get back to school tomorrow,
This addiction will stop and WE can focus in our studies.

Oh god, please help me.. :( Hilmy, I love you and I will miss you badly. Now I feel like I want to cry.

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