Saturday, December 25, 2010

3rd date? AWESOME

      I was glad to meet izzat for the first time at Sogo with my boyfie, Hilmy. It was an awkward moment, but hey, nice shirt u got izzat. lol. We went straight to pavi and watch Fair Game. Argh, no need to tell further then about what happened at the cinema. The movie was okay but kinda confusing. After the movie, Izzat had to leave, so Hilmy and I walked to Klcc. We had our lunch at the food court and we walked to the park after buying my cutex. hehe. The best moment was of course when we took some pictures. Dear, seriously you need to talk to people if you want to take some pictures of us. haha. But, never mind, it was my fault too for being too passive, I guess. 

     So, next date will be on 12th January 2011 huh? I'll try to find my time for you, if I can't maybe we can postpone it. Don't worry dear. I wish we can spend some time, having picnic at the park rather than at the malls like we used to. 

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