Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 months already :) (edited version)

Yayy, our anniversary is today and I wanna wish you Happy Anniversary. For nearly one year we had all those fights, lovely and also heart-breaking moments in our relationship. 

I feel proud to have such a loving boyfriend. Thank you for your time and support in everything. You are the silver lining in my life. I always create a fight between us and I am sorry for that. Sorry for all the pranks too..hehe..

But that doesn't mean I won't prank you anymore. Okay okay stop. 

Dear, you need to learn how to treat me as the most special girl in the world. You are innocent and I love it just the way you are but sometimes you miss something that you MUST do. You know, like you said on the phone a few days ago, you are not smooth with girls like how you talk to them on the phone. See?? I want a new version of Hilmy Hakim the robot. Can I? :) I know you are smiling there. haha.

Please don't change the way you are now. I mean you need to add up something  and can learn this and that but I don't want you to be estranged with all those new things. Some are good but some are negative. I am scared you might change your yourself into negative someday, who knows?

You are a very good listener, better than my mum. You know, we can talk anything about almost everything and I am glad that you are open-minded. 

You are calm, you will be the one to end up all the fights. You NEVER raise your voice when you speak with me no matter how mad you are at me. Everyone hates rude people and I am very sensitive to that.

You are nerd sometimes or 'lampi but you are still a great brother. I am proud to have a boyfriend that can take a great care of his baby sister. You know, some boys don't even know how to hold a baby! It's a positive sign that shows how good you are to be a father. (Y) :D

I hope we can be more open in our relationship. You can always say what you like and dislike about me.

* I made this post a few days before today and I was very different at that time, I guess you can understand it well. So, erm. yesterday changed me but never mind, I still want to blog this post for you to know how eager and happy I was before our anniversary. I still love you. Don't misunderstood me.


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