Tuesday, December 1, 2009

jaw-ache? any treatment for this problem?

farah : imran, kakak nk gune komputer lps nih.
imran : x boleh!!
farah : ala, pliz...imran g la main dgn mariam (my cousin) kat bwh. kat bwh ade pisang goreng, pg la mkn.
imran : im nak main game la. jgn la nk menyebok!!

okay, turning off the conservation, he came to me and gave me a big punch at my jaw. owwwcchhh! i was screaming like hell and stamped my feet to my room like a crazy girl. i fought with my aunt *which, i hate her now!*

by hook or by crook, i determined to get the computer from him and yes! i did it finally! woohooo!

nothing else to say, i'm out of here. bye~

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