Thursday, December 3, 2009

today's trivia

woke up at
around 10?

first thing that i do today?
brushing my teeth

and then?
eating yong tau foo

on my couch, watching tv

when did u take ur bath?
after eating the yong tau foo

u shampoo-ed?
yes, i did.

what brand do you use?
himalaya's, herbal shampoo

what's your breakfast?
extraordinary nasi lemak (more sambal kerang), my fav, i tell u :)

after that?
online, chatting with my 'syg'. hahahahha~

what's the best good thing you do today?
i was tutoring my brother to use facebook and later myspace, (maybe). god, i feel like i'm an angel x)

what's the worst thing you do today?
having a really bad conversation with him. sorry, syg. i was not in the mood to online. midnight conversation maybe helps la syg. syg, i love u, that will always be in my mind

are u having ur dinner?
nope, not hungry. but, they are having cantonese noodles. gosh, miss it :(

what's in ur mind now?
my dearie sayang. and imran (the one who made the jaw-ache)

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