Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year : blessings or troubles?

reasons i earn the blessings

1. i completed my homework AT LEAST the biolgyenglishbmchem.
2. i've been a good girl to good people ONLY
3. dah belanja imran his favourite caramel cream frappucino at starbucks
4. told the truth to everyone who have been betrayed

reasons i earn the troubles

1. i'm soo much devilish to BAD people
2. i kicked aliff's butt at the playground (sorry)
3. i slammed the door at my parents' faces. hahahaha!

look, i am very sure dat i haven't list down all my good and bad things that i've done here. but, i think, bad things are MORE than the good deeds. hahahaa!

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