Friday, January 1, 2010

five fingers waving to 2010 :)

location : the curve, damansara, malaysia.

first thing i did, dropped by at starbucks to get my fav green tea blended cream. yummy..then, called syaheera to meet her. luckily, i met her when she walked criss-crossingly my way. hahaha.

my own green tea blended cream at starbucks

thought i was late. my actual plan was to meet syaheera but then waqi called,

"faam, new year kat mne?"
"akuh g the curve"
"ohh ye ke? weih, jumpe kauh kat sane"
"errr okay okay"

omg, waqi, nabil, nureen and reena were heading there too to meet me. totally speechless and blank. what the hell was going on? i mean, as if they did it on purpose to go there too. but, nahhh, who cares? korunk, sorry la coz x dpt jumpe korunk time tuh. i was at the parking lot and i couldn't do anything to meet korunk laaa. seriously, menyesal gile kot. tuh lahh, len kali sampai la awl2 sket. dush dush dush!

syaheera, now i know how hyperactive you are when it comes to shopping and hanging out. you walk here and there, talking bla bla bla.., and yeah, it was fun to be with you. but, i really really missed the countdown with you la babe and yes, i was damn mad at my uncle. pfftt.


location : in the car, way back home.

"farah, no more friends. awk tuh underage lg. no countdown"
"ala...bukan nya selalu pon countdown"
"tggu awk dh x underage lg"
"tape tape, farah tggu 2011. dh msk 18 and farah nk njoy giler"

wtv it is, i'm 17 daaa. nak hoorraayy ke x nak? haha. spm year and hell, i x bole nk njoy sgt2 dis year. :( i cnt wait to be 18. i'm no more underage. and i'm gonna spinning around at the malls with friends. it's all about 'living my life to the fullest'

the 2010 bunch of people

eh eh, baru je msk 2010. dh ckp psl 2011. hahaha. okay, before i stop typing, wanna wish all the bloggers a very happy new year. bye

p/s : i'm not gonna update my blogs as frequently as i do now when i'm back to school. pffftt~

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