Saturday, February 13, 2010

red year, red house, red cupids??

sigh. tired. sleepy.
the 6-hours-journey from jb was moodless

the most awkward thing for today,
maybe i talked to a muallaf.
uhh, met at the bus stand
gosh, he was a superb guy i guess,
his name is muhammad shafie chan bin abdullah.
two thumbs up for the newcomers.

the most complicated thing,
trying to deal with my relationship status with him,
uhhh, it was tuff!
love vs. spm.
finally, i've decided to take both.
haha. greedy me! lol.

at home,
holy shit i was out of my mood,
i was mocking like hell,
my room was really messing up,
i lost my SE cable :((
sob sob.enuff said...

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