Sunday, February 14, 2010

saturday 13 th feb turned into friday the 13th.

 it was an OMG day.
 an ordinary plan to do my project actually,
but guess what huh?
i was in the pool of gossipers
hot people, hot stuffs, hot tempered?? haha. any?? and hot news,.

things were way too far from my plan,
it transformed to a whole day full of GAGAGAGA!
i can say dat it was KILLER but yet AWESOME day,
perhaps the most AWESOME!
i met all the people that i freakingly wanna meet face to face,

the starting point,

venue : starbucks, klcc
time : not sure, but still morning (i was having my breakfast)
companion? : none. better being alone at that time (for some u-dun-need-to-noe reasons)

the climax,

too many scenes that can be the climaxs.
urghhh, i hate dis part.
okay2, lemme check into my memory. a minute.
ahha! gotcha!

venue : burger king, klcc
time : 430 pm
why? : zzzzzz..oppss! hahaha. only God knows. i <3 it btw! everything mixes at the same time at the same place.LOL.

the ending,

venue : TGV,klcc
time : 815 pm
mood : sleepy, hungry. damn, it was verrryyyy cold!
last word u said? : bye....:((

moral of the story?

did u hug anyone? yes, i did.
who? shey. miera fathiah. zatireza. niesh (maybe)
who stunned u the most? nazran.
why? did not expect AT ALL to meet him there. none told me anything about it.

the skeleton,
farah amalina.

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