Saturday, March 13, 2010

the confession

        everyday, i lose everything very slowly. my life is now empty and meaningless, full of distracts, tension and conflicts. i feel regret now for being too 'open' with all the fuckers.oh god, why in this world our paths crossed each other? if i haven't meet u, my life will not be like this.damn, i hate you now! idk why in this hell i was being like a servant to you and i did anything to make u happy.yeah, anything.

        but at least i am glad now because of you, my life had changed a lot towards a better person. i am not anymore the old farah amalina during those junior years but i have grown up.yes, i am happy to discover the real gay and flirty u.oh god, thank you for saving my life from those bullshits!

        and now, i have real friends, not the fakers but the ones that i discover to be my dormmates, bedmate (=.=), so called my boyf partnership (HAHA!).yes, i own them and it's up to me to own anyone to be my bestfriends. i don't want to be a faker anymore that drags myself into those craps and wasting my time.pffft.i have to change.yes, this is the determination year,courage year and the most challenging to balance between love and studies.only me myself, that paints the 9A+ in the slip next's time to change,but changing in my attitude,not the real happy-go-lucky me.studies and those GAGA need to be balanced.sometimes, i laugh but when it comes to the books,it's time to end the laughters.

        and and when it comes to love, i'll be serious too because it's normal to fall  in love for a teenager.everyone admits it.and it's abnormal to stay away from the opposite sex because it is a part of the spices in life.a life without love is a life without skeleton.credits to pn.daliza che daud,pak yem and kak idah for the 100% agreeable statements about love (i think so,haha)

pn.daliza : takpela kalau nak ade boyfriend pon, awak dh besar dh pon.lebih baik dr suke pompuan.
kak idah : normal la tuh kalau ade pakwe,kalau minat pompuan tuh yg jd mslh nanti.
pak yem : ye lah, saya paham umur mcm awak nih mmg normal ade boyfriend
*additional point from pn.daliza ; tp biar la yg mmberi awk smgt, mcm dulu prnh ade yg terkantoi ltak gamba boyfriend die kat cermin loker tp bile saya tanya, "saje je cikgu, bg saya smngt sket nk fly same2 nanti".

       honestly, he completes my boredom and i can breathe when he's there to hear my problems, sharing beautiful moments together and fyi, if i feel sad, angry or happy, it is u that appears in my mind first followed by my bedmate, mus and malie. haha. weird huh? it's because sometimes different gender is a better listener maybe.haha,tahla.

the journalist,

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