Sunday, March 14, 2010


the clock strikes 2340 now. at least i am not late to wish all my besties, HAPPY 143 DAY. hehs,stick to the phrase better late than never. yes, i know it would be better to text or call. but but, i am now out of creds.sorrryyyy.

to all the haters out there, i don't even care whatever shit u send in ym, fb or even such stupid phone texts ok? you all are such some lost piggies.ohhh ohhh pity.HAHAHA! if you hate me, who cares? u don't even deal a single matter in my life, losers. keep on talking blablabla, i'll just laugh and say "omg, look! u all are such a bunch of losers!"

okay,i'm gonna end this post.7 minutes left.

till then, xoxo from farah amalina.

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