Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hilmy Amalina : a story far away across the country..

hey, just dropping say hi..
the name's hilmy hakim bin hamzah..
malay college class of '10
haha yup..another budak koleq u must be wondering..
plays basketball. a cager.
currently in a relationship with farah amalina.
or should i say farah's boyfriend..

just to support a motion that had been brought up by faam..
yup, hearing the name makes me sick!
sekolah banyak tugas.
sekolah bajet terer.
sekolah banyak tekanan..
man, will it kill them not to say sbt for a day..
"awak tu dh la sekolah sbt, pakai la elok2 sikit.." -paelang-
sbt. sbt. sbt. x abes2..
the fact that i'm wearing smartly that day and nothing was wrong with my uniform..
whatever it is. i hate sbt..i wonder what will happen if koleq x dpt that title..

on the bright side of the year..
the declaration of relationship of farah amalina and hilmy hakim has been 'signed'
haha..we're finally official ; )
i didnt get the chance to go back during CNY since i have basketball trainings..
if not, i would have been at the so called 'HKSBP in klcc' that saturday.. 
haha..just listening to the story makes me laugh..

hmm..i guess that's it..for now la kot..
finally she was on9 just now..
so dptla chat sikit2..
till next time! adios..

a boy, far away in the north,
hilmy hakim

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