Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what a mess?!

what's in the name of sbt?
what's so great about it huh?

generally, 2 lines to describe the 3 words


i'm so much depressed,
not in the good mood currently,
texting people is my drug
day-dreaming is like WHOA!

say NO to homework!
say NO to exam!
say NO to stupid people who are just like PIGS!

to all students, we are too much exam-oriented,
this taught us to be rebellious actually,
the ones who eat books don't i guess,

but, not all of us are book eaters,
we are not worms,
we are HUMANS!

we study when we need
not for the sake of exams or scholarships,
dun ever be HYPOCRITES!

tomorrow, i'm going to hell,
time to mourn for the internet,
time to eat books until i puke out!

time to wake up early,
time to stay up for damn whole lot homework,

the one who is shouting, she is...

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