Monday, March 15, 2010

tiara,i heart u ;)

yeah, arrived already at the so called aloha! resort.hahaha.first impression,kinda suburb but the swimming pools are damn cool.yayy! can't wait to have a splash with imran.and and the most important thing is, working out at the gym with,i know that you're a one tough cookie.LOL.

tonight, i will be having my dinner at the hotel. the actual plan was to have ikan bakar at melaka.argh,so far away and i'll be missing him like hell yeah :( i am out of creds right now and there's NONE topup sold here.wth?! i really need another oxygen, my laptop. thank god i bring it along here. phewww~

this evening, gym time.
tonight (940pm), shanghai opera show.
midnight, onlining.
swimming pool? perhaps tomorrow morning.
fish spa? perhaps tomorrow noon.
ohhh there is sooo much to be explored here i guess.
4 days are not enough.seriously.


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