Sunday, April 18, 2010

balik koleq =(

okay..just got back from kampar..
and i am extremely tired because as soon as the game ended
we head straight back.
i was waiting for someone to call or make a miscall
but only to know that her phone was taken by the warden..
looks like i'm gonna need ur help, shey..please ;)

anyway..referring to the topic..
there's always a great feeling to be outside of koleq with the cagers
but when returning back to the school.. X(
u must be wondering why
i hate going to school ;(
the food stinks
the school rules suck!!
but the worst of all,
the weather. it's so hot, i cant even study. haha

watching mr. pailang here makes me feel uncomfortable..
sometimes, he's nice, but st other tyms..
he's a devil in disguise
going emo all of a sudden -.-
marah tibe2 je..

whatever la koleq..
cant wait till spm, to end my days here..
i'm signing off
roger and out!

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