Sunday, April 18, 2010

a tragedy to remember

   durh,everything was bad yesterday.the back-to-school programme was like a shit! it was all because bonda.i HATE u so much old woman,please note that. the story begins like this...

    i was with shey, accompanying her to call her mummy. the public was like hell damn. whatever la, i said to her "kau gune ph aku je la." so she was like "okay".then i brought her to the fitness centre,where i was charging my phone.shey was trying the exercise thingy and it made noise of course. but,i just let her to do that because i would never expect anyone would hear it.

   but then,bonda came and she knocked the sliding door.OMG! i was like "shit,what the hell is she doing her,shey?" we were both did not know what to do.shey was standing right behind me while i was stuffing my phone and the charger in the bulky pencil case.yeah right perfect?! ABSOLUTELY NOT!

"what are you doing here? you plan to escape the form 5 activity right?"
"what kind of tee are you wearing?"
"form 5 tee,bonda"
"you should wear something formal.this is not suitable. now, both of you wait for me at the dining hall now!"

   so, we ran like two killers who got caught killing a baby.wth?! hey,it was a fitness centre not a private army office or wtv la nenek!

   at first,i just threw my phone under the van.but thank god, if i didn't take it.for sure bonda will grab with her own dirty hands.phewww~

   we waited for her to have breakfast with the srikandis for sooo long. i was texting scotch actually when she suddenly called us. i felt terrible. my feelings were mixed together and i felt like YOU WILL BE EXPLODED LIKE A NUCLEAR BOMB IN A SECOND,FARAH! should i bring along the pencil case? if i left it, probably the dining hall worker would call my name and said in front of bonda and puan mus, "you left this case just now" and the whole thing would be revealed. so i have decided to bring it along.

"what did u there (fitness centre)?"
"we left some things during SEGAK, we wanted to get them back," shey said.
"that's all rubbish! did u know that the block is for our guests? demerit for both of u!"
"puan mus, u check the pencil case. see what's inside it"
    so that was when i said to myself, "shit! everything is over now" puan mus pulled out my charger and the phone (the message was still there.dooosh!so she read it straight away when she opened it. bonda was on the phone so she went to the hall.i am not sure whether she already knew about the phone inside the case.

    and now the case is with the old woman. and zati's concert too.wth! congrats bonda. thanks jackass! i am mad with you and i will remember yesterday even when i leave this school next year. you are damn stupid to take the pencil case. if that's the case, then deal with me a contract of 1 whole year school holidays. how am i going to write if u took the case? perfect idiot!

**forget about any grammatical error. i am hell in bad mood with the wardens and the old grandma. pffft.

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