Friday, April 2, 2010

counting down the days =)

without knowing it or not..we have come to the greatest month of the year, april! haha. yes, april. sweet, sweet april. celebrating the sweet 17 of ms farah amalina, mr izzat, mr ammar and me myself ;P and with this month coming, we have barely than 8 months to sit 4 our SPM and 2 months to train with the cagers!

well, the journey is almost over but it aint reached its peak yet! sweetheart, i really wish u can be there at kelantan -.-' to watch me play, but the school holidays had to start on the 4th of june -.- it's okay, dear..we'll try and spend our time together during the holidays..i hope..

i really cant wait 4 the old boys weekend next week! it's the time when the school has no rules, to watch with successful old boys especially with their luxurious cars ;) plus, playing with the old boys are one the best training session ever!

oh! n dear, thanks 4 calling me last nite (err..or is it morning, 3.15 am) do u know how bad i miss you yesterday..haha..yup2. i had a good nyte sleep, filled with dreams bout us..LOL (i'm not exaggerating).

sayang, i love you ;)

 are voir with love,
hilmy hakim

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