Thursday, April 8, 2010

Joyeux anniversaire =)

i think many of you would know what the above phrase is all about.. by looking at the word 'anniversarie', u can conclude it's about an anniversary of something..and proudly i'm wishing our very own ms. farah amalina, happy 17th birthday tomorrow..ur a big girl now..ur old enough 2 make ur own decisions, do what ever u like, and even eligible to get married 0_0 dear, hv a good birthday 2mrw..enjoy every moment of it!

to think that i would have forgotten u..u must be mistakenly wrong..i cant really sleep well without ur good nite wishes..and without wishing u good nite, too! but i know it's 4 the greater good of both of us..just hope that u'll take care of wishes to u :

dear, have a sweet birthday..
take care always..
have a good nite, every nite
the same goes to every mornin'
all the best in your upcoming exam
good luck whatever ur doing that i dont know of

and you know that :

i miss you badly..
and i love u and i always will =)

i guess that's the end of it..

h a p p y 1 7 t h b i r t h d a y f a r a h a m a l i n a
hilmy hakim

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