Friday, June 4, 2010

holiday turns badday

a lot of sad things happen today
first, hksbp 2010. dynacagers lost the games but it's ok
i am still proud of you as my family, friends and even soulmate

my parents came to pick me up at the school today
at first i thought it was  a HOOORRRAAAYY! but sadly, it turned to be an ARGHHHH!
i got 5a 3a- and 1a+ in the mid term but i got 28th placing in the form? wth =.="

third thing to say, i am proud of dynacagers.
haha, i know that name sounds pretty ewww but i like what? hehs
i have been waiting for nights and days for the final result,
nvm mates, best of luck next year at tkc
*of course i will be coming there with shey and zatee.
scotch,no matter what,i will always support you and stay behind ur back ok? ;)

mus, malie and intan, i love korang tau!

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