Sunday, June 6, 2010

tired after burning 200 calories

yess,i burned a lot of calories by walking along the busy jonker street just now,
from accesories to cendol pulut durian,everything there was WHOA!
two words ; cheap and cool

cendol pulut durian was out of sold :(
so daddy bought us 3 bottles of cocktails
lemon applish, peachy guava and raspeberryish kiwi.
gosh,i did not know that peachy guava is alcoholic,
i finished it to the last drop when suddenly i saw

my dad did not know about it
i burnt my 15 bugs just to get a taste of alcohol accidentally,
ohh i won't do it again, i promise!

we had our dinner at umbai. some seafood but i loveeeee the roasted chestnut.

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