Sunday, June 20, 2010


hey, i just finished my bio class at 10.30 pm tadi, and it was a good class as i had kinda master mitosis and meiosis.LOL..

but that's not what i wanted to write tonite..tonite is the last nite i got the chance to online so im making full use of it. though ur not here tonite as u were out to KL the whole day..sayang, i miss you so much..

and tomorrow you'll be back in stf..that's like hundreds of kilometers from kuala kangsar! seriously i hate going back to koleq awal though i'm used to it when i was a time could be spent with you this week if there're no classes! we'll be busy for the next few 6 months till spm which will end on 16th of dec kan? urgh..lamenye..!

but though SPM is soooo soooo near, i want you to know that i'll never abandon you and you are my first priority..and and i know i was pranked last week but hey, it strengthened our relationship kot! we just have to support each other for the next few months to face SPM..

my request from you dear,
i hope you'll share with me your problems cause i know there'll be problems to face in the next few months..
i hope you'll be stronger to face the situation, cause i'll always be here for you!
i hope you'll divide your time and manage it well as you will not be stressed nanti!
i hope you'll enjoy the rest of your schooling days as after this, it'll only be just you, me, and the rest of the world!
and lastly, i hope you take really good care of yourself when you are in stf..

okay, that's all..i wish you all the best..

i love you so much farah amalina =)

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