Friday, June 18, 2010

farah amalina dearie =)

okay2..u guys heard her side of the story..
let me tell mine..!

it was the evening of last sunday..we were having our 2 hours tuition as usual and i was in deep focus that time..
after everything was over, i took my bath as usual (kinda :P) but little that i know all of them had left me behind and head straight for dner dkt kedai makan i had to go for the 2nd trip..

i was texting you sayang that time and and u said u miss me and such..i was very happy to hear that u miss me..i went on texting you even when i got into the car..when i arrived at the kedai makan, u said u cant go to singapore because u are going to get married. and i was like haha..lawak la u ni..but u didnt say u were making i serious ni, u said..

i had a bad feeling that time and i didnt know y but my tummy wasnt feeling well. i did eat as usual (the cagers know how) and i was kinda moody that time. i then bought a burger as i think my food cannot last long in this stomach. otw to the villa, u texted me saying last night conversation was the best, sadly there'll be more of you after this. i felt like bursting but i cant because aunty, abg ise, and sofia ade dlm kereta..dh la back to back messages plak tu..

as soon as i reached the villa, i called you straight away and then u answered..i asked is it true? u said yes..u cakap it was ur dad's plan and bla3..aiman la, uncle roslan la..i know it sounds stupid but i didnt know why i percaya..haha i pn pegila study tgh2 bad mood tu..dh la kene mcm2 dgn cagers sume..haha..i was offered an ice cream but i x makan, sbb xde

at 10++ i called shey and i was supposed to tell her what happened after that..but then, u called..i had to go to the toilet sbb x nak org nmpk i curi mase..when you called, i was hoping that you would take back ur decision to get 'married' in sabah. haha. i felt like crying dekat toilet tu but, i didnt ;P anyway, u cakap2 n then tetibe, u gelak..i was like oh shit i kene lagi dgn farah pranked again by u ,dear! 

malam tu you explained everything and i was like phewwwwwwww..but kesian shey la she didnt get the full story..haha. i laughed the whole night long after that. and thank god i could sleep well!!

that's the end of my side of the story..i was innocent.. haha

but above all, i still love you sayang and i'll never stop! 

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