Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Story of 'I HATE' and The Story of 'I LOVE'

The Story of 'I HATE'

i hate my life as a daughter but i am still grateful that i live as a human, not a trash idiot.
i hate my life as a student because i don't study at home and i prefer to be a homework copycat.
i hate my life as a lover beacuse i still realise that i need to give more to the relationship
i hate my life as a friend because i am living very far away from them and only meet them at school
i hate my life as a sister because i need a little sister

The Story of 'I LOVE'

i love my friends because they are like my sisters
i love my family members who are the flesh and blood of me (except 'him')
i love my studies because i know i can perform very well in it
i love scotch for giving me the strength and always be there when i need him
above all, i am grateful that i am not too depressed yet but not until i give up on life and change the real me.

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