Friday, June 11, 2010

congratulations to kak naili :)

agak kekok nak menaip dalam bahasa melayu tapi agak perlu kalau rase mcm otak dah blank dgn english words.haha.jadi, hari ini ade family gathering kat shah alam.alhamdulillah, kak naili's wedding was great!

sampai s.alam je nmpak iffah with her boyf,muzzakir. lol,two thumbs up for you and lepas ni it's gonna be ur turn plak tau. haha. cuzies sume dah besar2 and i am glad to have new cuzies, fatin and najlaa.yayy!

first time dapat rase jadi 'pemayung' pengantin and yesss, i REALLY need to increase my height.nasib baik payung x terkena kepala me! everything was fine except that my shoes got messed up with mud a bit.argghhhh...

now, i am at usj 9 specifically at iffah's house.okay..i need to rest.see ya!

signing out..

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