Monday, September 6, 2010

the first date (farah's point of view)

he was late but i was not mad (not really,maybe a little bit).and the funniest thing was he forgot to reserve for a table at,i searched for any restaurant at the directory and thank god i found one,a Thai restaurant.i could still remember u were searching for me like crazy although i was just in front of you.haha.we walked here and there and we talked non stop.but still, i am not happy as i don't get the wand and the bookmarks yet! :( the tomyam was good and i think you were too hungry).haha! i told you i x lapar sangat kalau puasa and it is proven already.thanks for the cake (next time,kite mkn sponge cake plak,lol). i loved it when you suap i mkn but actually i think that was the 'first trial' for you.hahaha! well done! u should suap i pkai tangan je.LOL

then,i bought a caramel frappucino.actually,i was wondering whether you were thirsty or yeah,i offered you to share it.thank you for the 'hugging trial and error'. hahaha, seriously funny! u were doubting yourself much and i just observed how you handled me.and after maghrib prayer,u were a little bit confident to hug me when we passed the 'Bizzy Body'.yeay...2 thumbs up for u!

i dedicated the song for you because i like the lyrics.thanks for the 'sweat wiping trial'.i miss the moment when i lean against u and u offered your shoulder for me to lean on.a shoulder to cry on huh? :D but i think we should spend more time sitting together.

i am so sorry for not giving the last few 3 words (ILY) and a bone-breaking hug for you before i left. it was my mistake and i wished i could turn back time.hmm... :( at least i am happy to have your name keychain although we don't have any next time, remember CAMERA,RESERVATION and HUGS!

last words ; I love you, Hilmy

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