Saturday, September 4, 2010

short but sweet

      it has been a very long time since the last day i went for blogging. for some reasons, i did not get the chance to get online with hilmy hakim. yeah, i am so sorry. i just got back from BUkit Jalil and then we went straight away to ampang. i had a nice time to chat with 'him' but still i have to be more alert when i am in this situation. i don't want the same problem to repeat twice. it hurts so much, seriously..

      dear, we made a few plans to go out but actually it depends on my mom. just pray and pray that she will let us to go  hang out :) i know she is not that type of hard person. even you can try your luck, dear. nobody knows...sayang,i cannot wait to turn 18, where my life is more flexible. i mean there will be no more school, homework and stress. just me, you, my career (maybe). haha.i want to spend most of my time next year with you. but hey, please don't force me to go to the 'hell' nearby your house. hahaha. trust me, i will go by myself when the time and the mood is right. 

     dear, sorry because i made that stupid pranks at you. i was damn boring so i thought that pranking was the best way to release my tension. perhaps, i love you more by pranking you. LOL. so these are the few lines that i can still remember...

"farah amalina dearie, please let me talk to you wpon skjp je. how could you do this to me?"
I love you too honey and please hold on to your promise that u will never stop loving me. thanks for appreciating me 

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