Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am HOME!

hey people! it has been months since the last day i posted something. Yeah, I think everyone is clear why I haven't been around since the last few weeks. phewww.. SPM was kinda tough for some papers and kinda easy for certain subjects

For me, I think MOD was the easiest followed by ADD MATH and CHEMISTRY. The rest were equally the same. Not too easy but not too hard but I admit HISTORY was the killer subject! PAI..erm..the tajwid section blinded me, thank god I got 3/4 correct. Insya-Allah, amiinn...

Ibu, thank you for supporting me, finding me an advisor although you didn't manage to find one. It's okay. But I hope you can let me got to the gym. It's tough, mummy. Sorry for the argument just now coz I was not in the mood and I was kinda mad when you said that I can't go to the gym tomorrow. hmm...okay, fine.

To Hilmy Hakim. I am sure you are having a whale of time there and I hope you take care of yourself. Maybe you are tired and now you are sleeping, or maybe you are playing with rania while listening to your Ipod. wtv it is, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

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