Sunday, December 12, 2010

eat, pray, love and sleep?

okay2, i know it had been such a long time since i last posted my urm, post..but since its my first day at home, so why dont i try to say a few words..

first thing first : i miss you so damn much, dear and you know's 12th december! 1 more month to go..haha. and now, i'm officially an old boy! wow, come to think of it, i really miss my friends so slebet bed between im and el, my deskmates..and most importantly my brothers. but, time has to go on and so do cant stuck in a 17 year old body for the rest of your life and take your spm every year! oh no, no way i'm gonna do that! LOL..

i had my first old boy night at badak's house and it was very very splendid though the electric was cut off the next day ;) badak made his facebook account that morning, and i woke up very very late! which is very unusual since i had to wake up early every day. thanks badak, kak gg, kak asya, and aunty narimah..

SPM, well it wasnt that easy..but it wasnt that hard too ;) to me, physics was the killer subject and not sejarah..LOL..wtv, it's over already and just tawakkal je la guys..

i'm in the study room, staring at the 'sistem kontrak and kangani' mind map i did a week before spm..i'm gonna miss koleq, i'm gonna miss the court and i'm gonna miss my friends..

but now, i can have a WHALE of my time with my family and farah amalina :)

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