Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I miss you

I was not in the mood to talk to you on the phone, dear. 
Sorry dear but I didn't mean to do so
You were late nearly 40 minutes so I thought you have already slept
I was going to bed until you finally called me,

I have to tell you about this, dear.
It's true as the saying goes 'better late than never' but it is hurtful sometimes,
However, I appreciate the phone call, sayang,
I don't want to blame you as I know maybe you were busy 
I understand, it's just that I was emotional I think.

Gahh, I don't actually know why the hell I should be mad at you,
Never mind sayang, I understand you and I don't want any conflicts happen between us, okay?
Sorry for not wishing you ILY as always, saje je...hehe
I know you know I always love you..

                                    Can I have this moment again? I'm dying here :(

* Btw, you have to make an apology for not answering my phone call just now. No excuses.

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