Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday is hellish for the first time

       I should go hang out with Amanda and meet my boyfie, Hilmy at Midvalley today but for some stupid reasons, the plan is cancelled. Thanks a lot ibu, I know you love him but please remember that I am still your flesh and blood and most importantly I have grown up. I need to have my own time and space from all these things. I need freedom and I need to know the world outside. I hope you can read this but since you're not a blogger, so never mind. I just want you to know that it's time for me to make my own decision.
I hate him, yes I admit and I won't call him 'babah' forever and ever. NO way! 

   Sometimes, you treat me like I'm some kind of a loser, little girl. That's why I rebel against you because you don't understand me. I hate him stay at our house although I know this is your house and he can stay here. But, you need to remember that he's still a stranger. You only know him for months but I have grown up with you for 17 years..mummy.

No matter what, I still respect you and I hope you'll change someday

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