Wednesday, December 15, 2010



 This one is for you, 
the only girl that I made a special post for her 17th birthday.
 Haha. Enjoy, teeph~


Sweet 17 is the time in life
Where girls fall in love
And dream of being wives

Sweet 17 is the time of year
Where friends and family
Come together to joy and cheer

Sweet 17 is a time of change
When driving class begins 
When career is needed
When we face the reality
With the starting age

Sweet 17 is the time of love
First kisses, dances
And new romances
Maybe with the real guy 
that will be your soulmate forever

Sweet 17 is the moment of truth
When girls mature
PMS, uhh, there it comes again..
From there childish youths

Sweet 17 is an important day
When a special girl celebrates 
Her coming of age
May God bless you..

There you have it, really bad I guess. Sorry.. 



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