Sunday, December 12, 2010

Temaki deshitaka?

     So, I have no idea where to start, It was a very busy day I guess and I think I should start with Narnia. If I have to rate this movie, I'll give 4/5, haha, I don't know, I just like the whole story. Some might say it is boring, not to their expectations,  Harry Potter is better? Maybe I can say yes but the problem is I haven't watch it yet so I cannot judge Harry Potter. Hehehe..

     Then, after the movie, we went straight away to my my uncle's house in Bukit Kiara I guess. Can't remember the name. The place is so beautiful and green. I was so excited to meet aunt anna. I kept on questioning myself. How does she look? How tall is she? Does she look like Utada Hikaru, the japanese singer? Does she have long hair? When I met her, she was making sushi. OMG! She made my favourite dish! Yeah, it was my first time to watch a real Japanese made real sushi with my real eyes. LOL!

      We had a whale of time at the swimming pool until 6.30 pm. Then, back to the house to eat the sushi! I had an additional menu, miso soup as I requested for it. hehe. And, of course chicken tempura with real mayonnaise from Japan. Everything is a real thing from Japan. Maybe uncle Ja can start his own business with his wife, making Japanese food. LOL. After dinner, we watched Naruto but with no Malay subtitle and yes, I betcha we had to watch the whole story and tried to understand using our logical thinking. Damn, I need the Japanese tongue and brain and everything including the skin and hair from my ancestors! Guess I had to borrow aunt anna's someday. hahaha. Joking joking.

         I feel bad as I forgot to bring along my camera so that I can upload some pictures here, maybe next time.


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