Sunday, January 2, 2011

sayang, I love you

       Sayang, sorry sangat2 sebab I pissed u off time new year. I pranked u sana sini but hey I wanted to make a surprise for you. But then, u pissed me off when ur phone was out of bat. I thought we could spent the night together by texting or maybe on the phone. Then today, idk why but I was out of the sunshine and I just zzzzzzz the whole day man. really2 bad I say. At night, there goes the same boring texting. Seriously, I dnt have any idea to talk about and I know same goes to you. So, I cant blame u much for not entertaining me as I cant do that either to you. I am really sorry, dear.

        I hope it ends tonight and tomorrow we'll have the new air in our relationship baby. I mean, it's new year but we still stay the same as before, only minor improvements only. But, at least u improve. But, idk about me and I think I don't improve at all. Maybe u should be the one to speak it out to me. Honestly and clearly of what u want me to do.

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