Sunday, January 2, 2011

hppynewyear sayang :)

well, it's new year already. to be more precise, its already 2nd of jan 2011! well, firstly..i would like to wish abg ise happy 48th birthday! hope panjang umur murah rezki..thanks a lot for your help during my 5 years of knowing you!

secondly, happy new year farah amalina :) im sorrry i caused chaos during new year smlm bt i hope u enjoy pranking me..but honestly, i smelled something fishy right from the start of ur plan :P haha..i miss ur i love you sayang phrase..dh lame tak xpela, sometimes u xde mood nak ckp..

i really wish i can meet you every day but u dah dekat t'ganu, for months pulak..i miss you so badly here..and sometimes macam nak marah je u tinggalkan i..but xpela..i cant stop u..

sayang, now that new year has come..i want us to change..change in what way, nanti i bg tau..
but i want us to be better than last year..i hope our relationship can last for another year, and another year and another till we die..


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