Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I used to love you when we were in high school although I felt like you always treated me like some kind of your follower. I know you were not honest being with me because I wasn't living in your community. I was not your dormmate. I was not a bandgirl. I was not your classmate.

And now, after we graduate from high school, I thought that you will change but you never do. So, I feel sad when you leave me but at the same time you are okay with others, and one of them is unbelievably become your friend because I can still remember how you cursed her when we were 16. We talked about her almost everyday and you hated her so much and now you go to her and leave me here alone. It's up to you to choose anyone to be your friend. But, I'll never forget this and don't ever dream that we will meet again. If we do, I'll do whatever it takes to stay away from you. I'll never turn back to you like what you did to me and that's my promise.

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