Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A piece of advice

It has been quite awhile since the last day I online nearly a week ago. But nothing much to say here. let me see, the driving class was pretty okay except for the parking. I rarely go for jogging as I don't have the mood when I knew that I gained weight. I watched a few movies at astro which helps me to get away fron boredom. Oh yeah, my kitties are growing up. One of them has blue eyes and both have very very sharp claws. Whenever I eat, I look at their mummy and spill a glass of water on the floor, then she'll lick it until the last drop. Haha. 

I really can't wait to have my own baby. If a baby girl, I feel like she is my permanent living Barbie doll. But if it's a 'he', he will be ken, barbie's boyfie. Lol. Some may say EWWW but it's not actually wrong to dream something that will be part of your life soon. Perhaps it makes me to love babies :)

I have been talking about this issue with Hilmy for many times and he thinks the same way as I am. That means I am not a wannabe girl who actually dreams a lot, even guys do and we dream for something good. Maybe haters will say 'yuckss' but it's normal for a couple like us. So stop complaining about how we plan our future, to have babies or wtv because we don't do anything to you. When it comes to relationship, respect each other please. Thanks

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