Friday, February 18, 2011

No one knows how i miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss Hilmy Hakim so much right now. he has gone to work and I was left alone. never mind sayang, I am proud that you are such an independent person and really determine to do something.

While I scroll down a page at a website, I became interested with some of the popular likes on Oh my, how I wish I can meet him so soon and I really can't wait !

I love a boy who will hold his girlfriend around the waist and kiss her neck and whisper in her ear ''you're beautiful''. if his friends say something nasty about her he will flip. text her first. tell her every night he loves her. texts her good morning beautiful. makes the effort. not flirt with other girls. compliment everything about her. if she wants a hug, hush up and hold her like she is gold.

Girl:My heart operation is today, I'm so scared..
Boy: You'll be okay baby
Girl: I'm going to the operation room now babe, I Love You.
Boy:(Looks away) Starts to cry, bye babe
Girl gets heart transplant, and comes out of operation looking for him.
Girl: Where is he?
Mom: Didn't they tell you who gave you your heart..?
 ** this one is just so sad and it reminds me of the text that I gave him 20 minutes before we had a fight. I felt like I was the only cupid's victim of the year that night before I confessed something that made him hurt
 I'm sorry sometimes, i get jealous. Thinking that another girl could make you happier than i can, but i guess its my insecurities acting up. Because i know that I'm not the prettiest or most fun and exciting girl. I complain a lot about my appearance and how I order you to make this and that to please me. But I don't fulfill your needs a lot of times but you always make everything to satisfy me. But I do know that no matter how hard you being with me.. You'll never find somebody that loves you like i do♥
When a girl cries for a boy, it means she misses him..a lot.
but,, When a boy cries for a means no one in this world could ever love that girl more than that boy does.
That's true love. ♥
Dear Boyfriends,
Walk Her To Class .
Tell Her Shes Beauiful.
When She Pushes Or Hits You , Grab Her And Hold Her Tight.
When She Stares At Your Lips , Kiss Her.
When Shes Quiet , Cuddle With Her , & Dont Say A Word
Stay Up wiith Her Texting/Talkin On The Phone
When Its The Morning Give Her A Goodmoring Beautiful Text

If You Do This , Your A Keeper <3

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