Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Facebuzz no more :(

      I guess it was really a bad day yesterday and thank god, it ends today. I wasn't thinking rationally when I did that stupid thing especially to strangers. I know I should think of Hilmy, my SPM result and especially God for heaven sake.

     Whatever it is, at least I stop before something terrible happen and I took the risk of whatever happens if Hilmy got mad and we broke up. I felt nothing meant anything to me anymore if Hilmy decided to break up with me. When I told him about it, he thought that I wanted to prank him and I felt guilty for telling him because I know he would be hurt. Wtv it is, honesty is the best policy and I am really sorry about what happened.

     But, honestly, I'm not sure if I can fully stop myself from chatting at Facebuzz because it's really great to know someone from other country. Guess that I will ask your permission if I want to do so.

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