Saturday, April 16, 2011

After JPA interview.

After the interview, my dad gave me a real real not-funny surprise when he told me he had to go to Pahang immediately because he had a meeting with someone there. So, he couldn't send me to rawang, but he could drop me somewhere. I thought he was nuts because he didn't tell me earlier, but he said that he forgot to tell me about it. Urgh..I was damn clueless and I hate it when it comes to making a right decision in less than 5 minutes.

So, I decided to call my baby, Hilmy. Who knows he could spend the day with me somewhere? Thank God he didn't have any work yesterday, so we planned to go to Mid Valley. I got there earlier than he was and betcha all the shops were still closed. It was 10.45 a.m. I just wandered anywhere, didn't know what to do! Then, I thought of getting a haircut, I really love hate my hair as it was greasy and it did look like a bush if I let go of my hair. I hate hate it! So, I decided to cut it short. At first, I didn't like, you know when your hair is greasy, it will look like as if you put some glue on it, shiny and even if you comb your hair, it will forever sticks on your forehead. ARGH!!

Then, I went to MPH as I think that's the only place that can help me to let go of my boredom. I read some books, from I Am Number Four to Chemical engineering for beginners to German dictionary. Haha. Thank God there was a computer there (of course you what to pay, nothing is free nowadays), so I could online while waiting for him.

Then, we met there and went to the food court as I was very full and energetic  hungry and thirsty.
He paid for my Korean food (hehe, thanks dear, I love you). After that we walked until we got very very bored. So, I decided to go to his place, not his house actually but his uncle's condo. Yeah, we did DIDN'T do anything. So, please don't think of being pr______nt. It won't happen! I just slept in one of the rooms and watched Ice Age, then online. That's all I did before my mum came to pick me up. But the funniest thing was when I had to cook for him. I didn't know what to cook, so he asked me to make some half-fried eggs. Haha, sounds simple right? Yeah, it is but I don't know my baby can't so it. Haha, so cute lah sayang!

Nearly 11.40 p.m, my mum came to pick me up. Surprisingly, Imran was playing a game with an Ipad on his lap. Coolio!! I was damn jealous! We had our dinner, mine was steak. Then, when we got home, I fell asleep immediately without changing my baju kurung.

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